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2007年08月09日 ()

One day my soul has be condemned
to leave you with little time.
What is a words convey to?

written on the mirror has be foggy with steam.

if...my little wish comes ture.
if...I may have a dream to fulfill.
I hope to forget me, but I hope to remember.
"忘れてほしい でも忘れてほしくない"
The irony of fate is conflicting with myself.
"運命のいたずらが 私の中で渦巻いている"

This words will deface later
like me.
Every things and mementos,
I erase all of thats when I used to live and
let's take a journey.
And I'll wait for you at destination....Ah
"そして その先であなたを待っていよう"

if...I can stay here with you.
if...I can walk my life once more.
I want to carry out promises done not yet,
and make full of memories.
"そして たくさんの思い出を作りたい"
It's going to the sea and talking away with you, till sun set.
"海に行ったり 日が沈むまでたくさんのおしゃべりをしたり"

if...my little wish comes true.
if...I may have a dream to fufill.
It's good that I will leave only a warmth in your mind.
You will not need to sing a sad song.
and I don't need to cry myself.
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